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We are Accepting New Members

Orkestra Magic is accepting new members who would like to learn more about music instruments. With us, you’ll learn how to play classical music instruments like a pro. You can join our live performances to give you more exposure to the classical music industry. You’ll also get the chance to play other unconventional music instruments such as the Kalimba, harp, and harmonica.

The best perk is you’ll be joining an orchestra that gives value to their members who treats them like a family. We commit to giving you the experience and skills that you can use as a musician.

Consultation Services

We also help event managers to find the best concert halls to hold their events. With our experience, we can definitely give sound advice on the best places where guests can enjoy a good view and good music. Contact us and discuss with us the details of your event. We’ll work with you whether what group of musicians to hire, or if it’s better to go for a grand orchestra for a magical night.

Classical Instruments For Rent

Orkestra Magic has a complete set of classical music instruments. We would like to help other orchestra groups by allowing them to rent our instruments. Our music instruments produce good quality sounds and are made by the best luthiers in the world. One of the struggles an orchestra group encounter is the lack of musical instruments because these instruments are often expensive and hard to find. We don’t want classical music to die down just because of these hurdles. So, if you are a member of an orchestra group; however, can’t buy your own musical instruments, contact us and rent.