No Party is Big or Small

Our Orchestra is for all kind of parties. There is no party big or small. We can play any songs even the newest songs the younger generation loves. We are versatile and dynamic in terms of our music. Know more about groups of musicians you can hire. You can choose to hire the whole orchestra or choose a group of instrument players who will work in wonders for your event.


String Quartet

Since 1750, String Quartet became a dominant form of orchestra music composed of two violins, viola, and cello. The String Quartet can play almost any songs from different genres.



Woodwind Quintet

For people who like the unusual kind of classical music, go for our Woodwind Quintet. It is a combination of flute, clarinet, oboe, French horn, and bassoon. Woodwind Quintet doesn’t require a complicated sound system to function well. They also go well with String Quartet to maximize the elegance and style this group has to offer.


Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra is a combination of Woodwind Quintet and String Quartet. It is a small version of a grand orchestra. This is perfect for medium to large functions and events.



Grand Orchestra

You can never go wrong if you hire our grand orchestra. It is perfect for wedding receptions, anniversaries, and other elite events which require class and glamour. Our clientele loves our grand orchestra because they get value for their money. Our Grand Orchestra provides a classical repertoire and perfect for clients who appreciate classical kind of music.


Presidential Orchestra

Do you want to have elicit and exclusive performance? Orkestra Magic can go all out that offers full majestic orchestra music. This is perfect for big events. It is best for gatherings held in concert halls. Your elitedating guests will be impressed on what Orkestra Magic can deliver.